Santa Cruz City Council will install about 160 new litter bins a year in the city, following the new maintenance and replenishment of litter bins contract awarded to CONTENUR.

The Public Services Councillor, Dámaso Arteaga, explained that the contract will allow these elements to be maintained throughout the municipality and for them to be installed in new roads that are developed. In addition, it has been established within the contract that CONTENUR will propose specific solutions aimed at minimising the consequences arising from acts of vandalism on litter bins such as burning or graffiti.

The maintenance of the litter bins will entail these and the affected accessories will be replaced within a period of 24 hours from detecting the incident in the cases of fire, theft, vandalism, accidental breakage or any other reason that causes their loss.

CONTENUR will also propose new models of litter bins for each of the different types in the city, causing the least possible visual impact and in keeping with the aesthetics of the city.