The magazine ‘Actualidad Económica’ is awarding its prizes to the top one hundred ideas.

As in previous years, the magazine ‘Actualidad Económica’ has awarded the prizes corresponding to THE 100 BEST IDEAS, acknowledging all the companies and people who launch products and services onto the Spanish market, with innovation as the key factor to the companies’ success.

The awarding of the prizes to the 100 best ideas took place on the 14th of May, during an event held at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. Not only multinational companies are awarded prizes, but also small companies and start-ups that use innovation as the differentiating element in their businesses.

The event, which is celebrating its 37th edition this year, was chaired by the magazine’s editor, Miguel Ángel Belloso, who emphasised the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in economic progress. “The origin of the wealth belonging to the nations is human ingenuity and with these prizes, year after year, we witness the fact that in Spain successful and useful ideas also occur that contribute to the general well-being”.

The prize categories are: food and drink; energy; motor; lifestyle; finances; training and employment; sustainable ideas; advertising and marketing; SMEs; CSR; health; services; technology; travelling and leisure and innovation.

Five companies won the jury’s backing in the Innovation category. Eroski, a pioneer in Europe by including automated bottle management in its logistics platform; CONTENUR, for its intelligent containers; IDPSA Engineering & Robotics, thanks to the creation of Racta, a robot for painting wind turbine towers; Ipsos España, for its ShopperLab, where produce is tested before launching it onto the market and Ofita, which has developed a chair for the working environment.

The prize was collected by the company’s Sales Manager in Spain, Mr. Jorge Gutierrez Molina on behalf of CONTENUR.