The group has been awarded a contract for the maintenance, repair and management of the safety of children’s playgrounds and exercise equipment areas in the town.

The Town Council has shown great sensitivity when it comes to developing recreational areas for both children and adults, currently there are 30 playgrounds and 14 exercise equipment areas. The aim is that these areas are suitable for these groups, they are in the best state of cleanliness and care and, finally, they meet current regulations.

The contract is to last 2 years and the services include verifying, upgrading and using the inventory of the recreational areas, as well as periodic inspections of the state of the different elements making up the zones in order to detect any incidents, breakages or damages.

Preventive conservation of the playgrounds and exercise equipment areas will also be carried out, as well as the repair and maintenance of the elements making up the areas, the conservation of the shock-absorbing surface of the areas, the removal of parts in poor condition, the replacement of defective or worn parts, and, in general, the repair and proper maintenance of the parks.