CONTENUR  reaffirms its leading position in the market, not only in manufacturing products, but also in the provision of associated services, thus increasing the number of cities that have granted the maintenance of such services to the group.

CONTENUR  has been awarded contracts for the provision of inspection and maintenance services for children’s play areas in the cities of Sestao, Getxo and San Sebastian.

The maintenance contracts for Sestao and Getxo cover 25 and 45 playgrounds respectively. Both contracts will last 2 years, and can be extended for another 2 years.

In the case of San Sebastian, in addition to maintenance, the inspection service, set out in the UNE EN 1176-7: 2008 Standard, will be carried out, which consists of carrying out visual, functional and main inspections, as well as cleaning the play areas, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. The total number of facilities to be inspected is 152 parks and the contract will last for 1 year, and can be extended for another year.