CONTENUR, has signed its first Equality Plan with UGT, the General Workers’ Union. In it, the company improves on the levels established by law to increase coverage in certain aspects.
The plan seeks “to guarantee real, effective equality of opportunities between the men and women in CONTENUR.”

A plan for the future

The equality plan is an orderly set of measures, adopted after a study of the situation, intended to achieve equality of treatment and opportunities between men and women and eliminate discrimination based on sex. It sets the specific equality targets to be reached, the strategies and practices to be adopted to achieve them and establishes effective monitoring and assessment systems.

CONTENUR’s first plan includes a series of an action focused on the commitment to equality between men and women: professional access, hiring and classification; training; professional development and promotion; reconciliation between personal, family and work life; and a specific section on prevention of psychological and/or sexual harassment at work.

The plan includes proposed positive action measures to achieve its aims. In addition, a monitoring programme has been designed with annual checks to assess the scope of measures and programme each year’s strategy.

The plan will be in effect until 2017 and has been signed by CONTENUR’s Managing Director, Íñigo Querejeta, and the Secretary-General of FITAG-UGT, Susana Dussaillant. The act of signing was attended by UGT members, workers’ representatives and those of the company.