CONTENUR has completely redesigned its website in order to offer a more practical, useful and, above all, more informative space.

This version includes numerous new features and improvements in both design and navigation, content and technology that are summarised in:

A completely user-oriented design: The use of icons and illustrations is reinforced, and the information in some sections is provided in a new layout. In addition, access to the most relevant content is aided through shortcuts.

Improved navigation: Usability has been given priority in creating, evolving and simplifying access to the usual sections, now with more information, which makes browsing the site much more user-friendly and easier.

New content: The creation of value content is reinforced through the use of videos and downloadable material that will make it easier to understand the products and services offered by the company

New technology: It includes elements that enable the products to be viewed as they are, with an abundance of detail and a much easier use. Work has also been carried out on the “Mobile first” concept, which will allow users to provide information that is completely adapted to the device they are using to access the site.

Focused on the real needs of users: All the latest features are the result of in-depth research, which has enabled CONTENUR to meet the real needs of its customers..