CONTENUR, leader in comprehensive waste container solutions, reaffirms its position as market leader not only in the manufacture of products, but also in providing the associated services, by increasing the number of cities where the company has been awarded the maintenance contract for carrying out those services.
Nuevos contratos de mantenimiento

New Maintenance Contracts

CONTENUR has been awarded the contracts for providing the inspection & maintenance services in the children’s playground areas in the cities of Segovia, San Fernando de Henares and Paterna.

The maintenance contracts for Segovia and San Fernando de Henares cover all the areas that are currently open and available in each one of these cities (54 in Segovia and 47 in San Fernando de Henares). The work that will be done to comply with the requirements requested to provide these services are those that are specified in Spanish Standard UNE EN 1176-7:2008 and involve carrying out visual, functional and main inspections, as well as cleaning the areas and playgrounds, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.

In the case of Segovia, the Contract will be in force for 4 years, whereas in San Fernando de Henares, it will last for 2 years.

In Paterna, the maintenance and adaptation of the children’s playground areas includes all the tasks that are required by these regulations, plus the work needed to adapt and certify all the areas.

In this case the Contact is for 1 year, which may be extended for a further year.
Action will be taken in all the children’s playground areas in the city, and this will also include the Municipal State Schools.