On 27 July, the first deputy mayor and acting mayor of Coslada, Charo Arroyo, presented the plan for the renovation of all underground paper, cardboard and glass containers in the city, which will imply an investment of one and a half million euros with a six month deadline.

José Juan Fernández, head of the group’s underground operations, attended on behalf of CONTENUR.

There are a total of 268 containers to be replaced, located in twos on 134 underground islands distributed around the municipality. The main advantages of these containers compared to the old ones are the new, more modern and functional design and a 900 mm long paper opening to make it easier to deposit large boxes. What’s more, the columns are made of stainless steel, making them tougher and easier to clean than painted ones.

As Charo Arroyo, who is also the Councillor for Environment and Road Cleaning, explained, “the existing containers were installed fifteen years ago and their useful life has ended, so they needed to be replaced urgently. Using the pit that is already there, all mechanical elements, columns and containers will be replaced with a new design specifically adjusted to the dimensions of the existing pits. Over the last 15 years these systems have evolved a great deal, and it is now possible to deposit more in the same size pit with increased user safety and a more aesthetic pleasing look in the streets”. 

Work to replace the containers started this week and will go on for six months.

Source: Coslada City Council