La Vendée has been the champion at classifying rubbish for three years. To publicise this fact, Trivalis installed a yellow jersey made up of 3376 yellow dustbins in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire for when the Tour de France passed through on Saturday 7 July.

A giant composition is now awaiting the Tour’s cameras in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire at the crossroads of the D21 and D949, representing a yellow jersey created from dustbins with yellow lids

The installation took ten days.

A bird’s eye view of the jersey reveals the slogan “La Vendée championne du tri” (La Vendée, champion in rubbish classification). This message celebrates “the civic and ecological spirit of the people of la Vendée, who are committed to recycling waste, and have been the champions for classifying packaging for three consecutive years”, explains Vendée Grand Littoral’s chairman, Maxence de Rugy.

A jersey measuring 58 metres x 45 metres

Viewed from above, this giant, 58 x 45 metre yellow jersey created from 3300 rubbish bins should attract France Télévision’s cameras.

This champion’s jersey will promote the department and its people, and their environmental commitment throughout France and worldwide.

Font: Ouest France