The Port of Santa María has signed the renewal of more than 230 litter bins and about 1,000 containers of the CONTENUR brand. Specifically 702 containers with a capacity of 3,200 litres for side loading; 355 containers with a 2,400-litre capacity; 100 containers with a capacity of 240 litres for rear loading and 39 containers with a 1,100-litre capacity.

Part of the containers have already been installed. Over the coming months, in addition to all these containers, a total of 204 50-litre polyethylene litter bins will be installed, along with 4 50-litre stainless steel litter bins, 7 80-litre polyethylene litter bins and 4 litter bins for dog waste.

José Luis Bueno, Councillor of the Environment and Sustainable Development area of ​​the City of El Puerto de Santa María, stressed that in addition to all this renovation of urban furniture “the service will focus on the use of new technologies that facilitate control and the monitoring of cleaning and waste collection in real time, while also opening channels of communication with residents and social agents involved in the proper functioning of this important service to the public.

The fundamental objective of the new contract is that “any urban space for public use, essentially roads and pedestrian streets, squares and neighbourhoods, must provide an optimal level of cleanliness that helps improve the image of the city” claim the heads of the Street Cleaning and Waste Collection Municipal Service of the city of Cadiz.