Our manifesto

We are aware of the industry’s impact on the environment. That’s why we use renewable energy and recycled material to promote sustainable technologies and policies that promote traceability and accountability of the material we use. For example, we are the first wheeled bin manufacturer in Europe to achieve the OCS accreditation for ensuring we do not pollute the local environment from our operations. Our position on sustainability is clear, and it stands at the top of our priorities. There is no Planet B and our future success depends on the commitments we make today. See our sustainability reality: Circle.

At CONTENUR, we base our commitment on 3 pillars:


Increased consumption of recycled materials that give products a second real life


Efficiency in use of resources


Application of the recommendations of the OCS (Operation Clean Sweep) programme

Our participation is not optional. The time has come to pay attention to what is important. Leading companies must unite and set an example.

It is not easy but it is the only way possible.

Circle is a 100%
Circular Economy

Second real life to products

Circle proposal
· Treatment Cleaning, separate and crushed
· Additive Antioxidants, UV
· Quality control Testing and quality test of recovered materials
· ISO 14006 Eco-design
· ISO 50001 100% Renewable Energy
· OCS certificate Lower pellet loss
Traceability of the process and the recycled material

More sustainable cities.

We drive responsible behaviour


This represents a new vision of the company, the result of our purpose of continuous improvement. It goes far beyond a catalogue of products and services. Circle is a 100% circular economy.


We are aware of the impact of industry on the environment. We encourage the commitment of companies and the adoption of responsible policies, starting by setting an example with our own activity.


We have thoroughly reviewed our business strategy, guaranteed the economic viability of Circle, despite the increased costs involved. That enables its permanence in time.

Social drive

We are working to create strategic alliances that enable change, raising awareness in society, reducing waste generation and encouraging people to recycle.

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CONTENUR CSR Report 2022

New edition of the CONTENUR CSR Report with information of the year 2022.