Maintenance of litter bins & sanecans

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Litter bins.

Implementation. Using the survey about road and pedestrian traffic, and the specific areas covered, the number of units required can be calculated and replacement containers or a new fleet can be installed.

Maintenance and repair. Routine reviews and preventive maintenance, checking locks and fittings. Each model receives individual treatment according to the material that the container was manufactured in (metal, plastic etc.). Urgent repairs will be carried out as soon as possible.

Cleaning. Cleaning is carried out using new robotic equipment fitted with high pressure washers for on-site cleaning, always using environmentally-friendly detergents.


Implementation and launch. A survey has been started to determine the requirements of the area with regards to dogs and the necessary measures to manage the electronic identification and control accessories that are installed. Appropriate awareness campaigns are carried out depending on the actual needs of the town.

Collection. Daily disposal of waste and bag replacement in the unit.

Preventive maintenance and repair. Repainting, straightening, maintenance of locks and units. Any faults are repaired as soon as possible to ensure the Sanecan meets the demand for constant use.

Cleaning. Disinfecting and sanitising both the Sanecan and the place where it is situated.