The project, which started at the beginning of last year, was one of the largest deliveries in the company’s history. In total there were more than 40,000 units of two-wheeled containers with a capacity of 120 and 240 litres in green and blue respectively for separate waste collection.

Our partner in the country, UAB Ekonovus, with whom we have been working for more than ten years, is considered to be the largest waste operator in the Baltic country. Deliveries took place during the first half of the year and were completed during the summer months, with all containers supplied being manufactured at our production site in Mielec (Poland).

CONTENUR has the most complete range of containers on the market, designed with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. They are made of high-density injected polyethylene and designed for ease of use, efficiency and durability. The rear-loading containers are available in a wide range of colours and come with a full range of accessories to meet any waste collection challenge in northern European cities.

Thanks to the minimum number of parts they are made of, assembly is simple and they are easy to install. There are different versions for each type of collection: paper and cardboard, glass, packaging, organic, other waste, etc.