The CONTENUR Group works together with the members of “Le Chapiteau Vert” in raising French children’s awareness about recycling.

“Le Chapiteau Vert” is a French environmental conservation organisation, in which, through shows aimed at children, they teach them to reduce the production of household waste, how to classify waste by fractions, and much more.

In France, each inhabitant throws away an average of 20 kg of food per year, 7 kilos of which are still packaged.

CONTENUR has participated in the educational videos and, in addition, has provided them with three waste containers to make “Bouffetout” (the character with which children learn and have fun).

During the STOP GASPI show, children are informed of the need to reduce food waste and how important it is to separate organic, plastic, paper and glass waste when depositing foodstuff in containers. In addition, they participate to be able to find solutions to these problems.

“Bouffetout” the waste container is fed up, he also wants to go on a diet.

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