The European Commission recently launched the European Strategy for plastics in a circular economy, in January 2018.

In response to this Strategy, CONTENUR has decided to draw up and sign a voluntary commitment focusing on three major areas:

  1. Increased use of recycled materials: By 2025, 60% of materials used to manufacture containers will be recycled materials
  2. Implementation of the Operation Clean Sweep programme (OCS) to reduce the amount of plastic pellets polluting the environment. Compliance on this programme will be certified by 2019.
  3. Boosting the efficiency of resources:
  • Certification of product eco-design standards as per UNE-EN ISO 14006 by 2019.
  • Certification of energy management standards as per UNE-EN ISO 50001 by 2019.

CONTENUR is improving its strategy to make it more sustainable, seeking development to meet the needs of the present without compromising the capacities of future generations.

This has produced the CIRCLE™ brand, a project bringing the company’s manufacturing processes together in a circular economy model.

The company wishes to continue to lead transformation of its market by offering sustainable products with the lowest possible environmental impact, guaranteeing its customers 100% recyclability at the end of a product’s life cycle

CIRCLE™ therefore guarantees the utilisation of recycled materials during manufacture, using 100% renewable energy and recycling the product at the end of its life cycle by putting it back into the value chain, and lengthening the lifespan of the materials.

CIRCLE™ is another step in the development of a sustainable, efficient manufacturing system, with a range of increasingly recyclable products.

CIRCLE™ will entail implementation of the measures required to meet targets set in terms of the European Strategy and certification of processes and products.