The l’Ouest Rhodanien (COR) urban community, in South-East France, has CONTENUR brand side-loading containers for the collection of waste in all its towns. CONTENUR’s sales team in France has performed an in-depth study of all collection routes in the area and, with the help of the town councils, drawn up the location of new collection points.

The customer has ordered 2200L and 3200L symmetrical and asymmetrical containers. The containers delivered were fully customised to the regional district’s specifications, bearing numbers, front and rear reflective strips, no-parking stickers. The bodies are personalised, with stickers including instructions for separating the waste.

Over the past four years, thel’Ouest Rhodanien  (COR) urban community has moved towards a more efficient and environmentally-friendly collection system. So, the side loading system best adapts to this change, since it allows collection points to be pooled together, saving collection time and reducing the number of vehicles per route, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and reducing the activity’s potential carbon footprint.