Chmielno is a Polish commune located 45 kilometers west of Gdańsk. Charming surroundings of a landscape park and beautiful lakes, as well as tasty regional cuisine available in local restaurants, provide excellent well-being here. Neat paths indicate involvement of the local government in constantly improving quality of life of the inhabitants and tourists visiting Chmielno. The commune’s coat of arms refers not only to its name (hops, Pol. chmiel), but also to tradition and culture (local church) and beautiful surroundings (lake).

An expression of the commune authorities’ awareness, how important sustainable development is for the local community, was achievement of co-funding for modernization of waste management system. As a part of the investment, Contenur produced in its modern Polish production plant almost five thousand containers for waste segregation with volumes of 120, 240 and 1100 l. The containers were decorated with the coat of arms of the commune and described with name of waste fraction as well as marked with serial numbers, all in durable thermoprint technology.